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Decorative Concrete Curbing

Seahorse Edging, Pathways and Curbs provides professional, creative concrete curbing products to enhance the look and functionality on your property. Decorative concrete curbing is fabricated on site with extruded concrete. There are a variety of colors, contour styles and surface designs to choose from for both residential and commercial properties. We are very flexible with creative ideas that can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of locations.

Walkways, Pathways and more…

At Seahorse Curbs, we are passionate about creating integral, functional elements on your property. This includes concrete walkways and pathways that can stand alone or enhance focal points. The finished product provides low maintenance areas that enhance property appearance for a reasonable cost. We fabricate concrete curbs as islands,  part of of a garden feature, along driveways and parking lots as well…the possibilities are endless.

Free Estimates

We provide free consultation and all quotes are individually customized for both residential and commercial properties.  Our concrete curbing season runs from April to October. Contact Trish, the owner at Seahorse Curbs to ask questions regarding our products and service.


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